Making corporate content work harder (Februrary 2013)

Event report - a concise summary of the following 4 presentations, by Scott Payton (PDF 6.2Mb)

Benedikte Larsen, Novo Nordisk corporate online content strategy (PDF only available to WEN members, please contact Dan Drury to request this presentation)

Dan Drury, Discoveries from the Web Effectiveness Network - using data to win internal battles and serve your online audiences more effectively (PDF 8.3Mb)

Sara Andersson, Enterprise & multilingual search marketing - Overcome the challenges (PDF 14.6Mb)

Brian Clifton, Universal Analytics, Google and How the Hell Do We Use All this Data? (PDF 9.1Mb)

The original agenda can be found on Eventbrite.

Directions in mobile (December 2012)

Scott Payton presents the results of our recent mobile survey, and more (PPT 12.4Mb)

The slides include the WEN survey results that show responsive sites are next year's trends, with corporate apps falling from favour. Plus lots of example of current implementations for responsive sites, dedicated mobile sites and apps from BASF, Siemens, Shell, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Daimler, ENI, Nestlé, Citi, Novartis and others.

NB. many of the slides contain explanatory text in the notes field.

The original agenda can be found on Eventbrite.

Online reputation management (November 2012)

David Bowen presents some recent reputation management case studies (PPT 9.4Mb)

The slides include 6 crisis and 6 responses; plus 7 assaults and 7 responses. The PowerPoint slides include lots of notes to help you make sense of the many screen grabs from websites including: Quantas, BP, Jet Blue, Total, Shell, Nestlé, GE, Chevron and others.

NB. many of the slides contain explanatory text in the notes field.

The original agenda can be found on Eventbrite.

Presentations from WEC USA (September 2012)

Bowen Craggs conference report: How to get ahead of the trends (link to web page) by Scott Payton

KEYNOTE: From the dot-com boom to the mobile generation: how Shell has embraced new media (PDF 716Kb). Simon Saville, vice president communications, Shell International 

Discoveries from the FT Index: Over-stretched resources and the proliferation of online channels (PDF 6.9Mb). Scott Payton, Bowen Craggs

CASE STUDY: ‘Fit for digital’ – what are the organizational transformation steps required to develop both organizational capabilities and staff competence? (PDF 1.3Mb) David Green, head of global digital marketing, KPMG

Discoveries from the Web Effectiveness Network: using data to win internal battles and serve your online audiences more effectively (PDF 4.5Mb). Dan Drury, Bowen Craggs

CASE STUDY: Telling The Corporate Narrative (PDF 8.9Mb). Mark Krajnak corporate communications, Johnson & Johnson

KEYNOTE: The new world of integration (PPT 3.8Mb) Prof. Don Schultz Prof. Don Schultz Professor (Emeritus- in-Service) of Integrated Marketing Communication, Northwestern University

KEYNOTE: Engaging your audience – lessons from presidential politics and beyond (PDF 12.4Mb). Julius van der Laar

CASE STUDY: The (new) Digital Marketing Business Case (PDF 8.5Mb). Stefan Heeke head of digital marketing, Siemens

Going Mobile: Get Moving. Kristine Kelley (PDF 1Mb)

Conference report from WEC Europe (June 2012)

28-page conference summary (PDF 956kb) of all the presentations and more:

  • What can corporations learn from Obama's election campaign?
  • Why are so many web estates spinning out of control?
  • How to organise a corporate comms department for online success.
  • Why online governance should be led by comms and not IT.
  • When is it right to integrate social with the corporate website?
  • How apps and mobile sites should play to their differences.
  • The future (or not) of the corporate website.
  • Collective intelligence as an agent of change - lessons from the NGO.
  • Managing a 68 country web estate on a tightening budget.
  • Relaunching a corporate website from scratch.

“If you have only one chance to visit a conference in a year, this is the one to go to.”

— Florian Hiessl, Siemens

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