WEC 2017 will be held at the Hotel Pullman, Barcelona, 21-22 June

We are currently working on the agenda for 2017, check back early in the new year for details. The programme for our 2016 conference is shown below

Click image above to download the conference programme (PDF 98Kb) Details of the themes, confirmed speakers and registration information.

Click image above to download the conference programme (PDF 98Kb)

Details of the themes, confirmed speakers and registration information.

Key themes for 2016

1. Beyond the 'storytelling' hype: how can you create online content that really stands out?

2. Serving customers: what's the real role of the corporate website in sales and marketing processes?

3. Coherence out of complexity: how should you combine carrots with sticks to create a harmonized global online presence?

4. The 'K' in KPIs: how can you measure corporate online effectiveness in a way that the board understands?

A programme of exciting speakers includes...

  • Keynote - Allister Frost, former Head of Digital Marketing for Microsoft 
    Digital reality check - the view from inside marketing. 

    Allister will reveal what marketers and other functions really think about corporate communications and the challenging reality of communicating to digitally empowered customers. In a wide-ranging talk, he will tackle the 'measurement myth' and what you can do about it; emerging communication touch points and techniques for our fast-changing world; and how thinking differently can help you unlock greater value.

  • David Bowen, Senior consultant and co-founder, Bowen Craggs & Co
    Inside the Index.
    David will take us through the big trends and lessons from the 2016 Index of Online Excellence.

  • Florian Hiessl, Head of global web communications for Siemens
    The journey from an information to a conversion web to support business.
    Siemens.com was one of the first corporate sites to take 'storytelling' seriously. Now Florian shares the first results and lessons following a recent move from the 'information web' towards the business-support-oriented 'conversion web'.

  • Bryan Smith, Director of digital communications at Smith & Nephew plc
    Are corporate websites still relevant?
    Bryan will explain the reasoning behind his - perhaps controversial - view that there is almost no need any more for a corporate website. The rise of customer-centric design and multichannel touch points makes most web content published by corporations 'a total waste of time and money'.
  • Lisa Hayward, Digital channels manager, Shell 
    A new approach to the content management question.

    Lisa will explain how offshoring Shell's content management activities helped to solve a business problem and unlocked the potential of the oil giant's network of web managers.
  • Lucy Farndon, Managing editor, public affairs at HSBC 
    Carrot or stick? Introducing global governance.
    Over the last 18 months, HSBC has brought more than 50 of its country corporate website sections under centralized control within the public affairs division. This involved a new content management system, new websites and a new way of working. Lucy discusses the project's benefits and challenges, and her future plans for the sites.
  • Marc Liew, Senior digital manager, Zurich Insurance 
    Three pillars of global governance - guidelines, empowerment and inspiration.

    Zurich Insurance has been working to help its network of global sites work better, together. We hear about the challenges of running a global web estate, the toolkit Marc's team has developed to tackle them, and find out what is working and what comes next.
  • Panel - The governance happy hour.
    What does the ideal onine team look like? We share examples and discuss the pros and cons of each approach.
  • Michael Hedelain, Digital marketing manager, Greenpeace 
    Greenpeace's approach to online campaigning.
    An energy industry veteran now working for Greenpeace, Michael will explain how the organization harnesses web and social media to powerful effect, talking us through what has worked well and lessons learned.
  • Briony Clarke, Digital channel manager, SABMiller
    Selling stories.
    SABMiller has created a vibrant and compelling corporate site by putting storytelling at its heart. Briony will explain how her team sold the concept to sometimes skeptical senior stakeholders, and how they keep up with the demand for high-quality editorial. 
  • Lone Kaas Braemer, Head of communications delivery, digital communications, Nordea 
    Helen Lindsay,
    Bowen Craggs & Co
    Dan Drury, Bowen Craggs & Co
    Getting the most out of website visitor research.
    Lone will explain how her team at Noredea.com captures and uses visitor research to inform development and communicate with leadership. Dan and Helen will look at common measurement pitfalls, and the benefits of robust benchmarking and analysis.
  • Ben Jefferies, Head of digital communications, BP
    Bp.com since the Deepwater Horizon accident: what it learned and how it learned to love social media.
    Bp.com was a key part of the reputation management efforts during and since the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico. Ben will explain the online lessons BP learned, how they came to embrace social media and why they ignore some of the big trends in corporate sites.
  • Dr Jon Dodd, CEO of Bunnyfoot 
    Debunking common usability myths
    Jon will unpick common misconceptions about usability, explaining how we can better understand our audiences and even learn to stroke our customers' brains.
  • Tom Betts, Chief data officer at the Financial Times
    Measuring content performance and engagement.
    Tom will explain why everybody at the FT is focused on deepening reader engagement and how data analytics has become a core competency.

  • Panel: Is usability coming back from the dead?
    The panel will discuss whether responsive design and the fashion for minimalism have led to a collapse in usability, and if recent site launches mark a return to the 'good old days'.

“Incredibly valuable two days.”

“A room full of the best in the business.”

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94% of past delegates said it was ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ for networking with peers

93% of past delegates said this is ‘the best’, or ‘better than most’ conferences they have attended

Click here to download the programme for WEC2016  (PDF 98Kb)