We are currently working on the agenda for 2017, with a range of exciting speakers already confirmed...

Key themes for 2017

A challenge for every online manager is getting their bosses and colleagues to understand just why online communications matters, and how they must work together to make it effective.

We are delighted to have Simon Saville as our keynote speaker. Simon is just retiring after 16 years running Shell’s digital comms - not everything has been a triumph, as he will tell us, but getting governance - the art of getting one's own way - right has been key to the many successes his team had.

We also have speakers from GSK on using benchmarking and survey data to provide the evidence sceptical colleagues demand, and SAP and Aegon on generating the best quality content from colleagues around the world. We even have a magician who specialises in helping managers persuade …

As always, we also try to look forward, over the horizon. Mike Stenberg of Siemens will tell us how the group use messenger apps and bots in China, and why this is something all companies will have to get to grips with - wherever they operate.

A programme of exciting speakers includes...

  • Keynote - Simon Saville, Head of Digital comms for Shell 2000 - 2016 
    My journey on the web and what I learned on the way. 

  • David Bowen, Founding partner, Bowen Craggs & Co
    The state of the online nation.

  • Michael Stenberg, Vice President Digital Marketing, Siemens
    Messenger Apps and bots - how Siemens drives business in China, and why companies everywhere should be thinking about them.

  • Miles Tomlinson, Director, Global insights & user experience, GSK
    The Insight Hub: putting benchmarking, surveys and analytics to work.

  • Scott Roane, Senior digital content manager, Aegon
    Gathering and generating good material from around the organisation.

  • Tim Clark, Head of brand journalism, SAP
    'Brand journalism' - how employees can help boost your site with high quality contributions.

  • Lee Warren, Invisible Advantage
    The art of persuasion.


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