The Web Effectiveness Conference is the conference for online corporate communications

WEC is produced by Bowen Craggs - authors of the renowned Financial Times Index of corporate web effectiveness

We are working on the 2015 agenda. If you missed WEC Europe 2014 you can request a free conference report by contacting Dan Drury

The 9th annual Web Effectiveness Conference tackled all the big challenges facing online corporate communications teams…

  • How can we best find, create and manage compelling online content?
  • What does ‘engagement’ really mean – and how can we turn it into genuine commercial value?
  • How can we persuade our global colleagues – and our external agencies – to do what we want rather than what they want?
  • How can we demonstrate the real value of our communications activities to our bosses?
  • What’s the best way to serve all audiences across all devices – mobile, tablet, desktop and more?
  • Are online marketing and corporate communications converging?
  • What is the future of the corporate website– and how should we respond?

Get answers to these questions with other online corporate communication managers from many of the world’s largest organisations – without sponsors, vendors, agencies or consultants getting in the way.

Learn about the latest trends in online corporate communications and how other global organisations are dealing with them.


“If you haven’t participated in similar events, you must attend. If you have seen others, you must attend!”
— Massimo Guarnieri, ENI

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94% of past delegates said it was 'excellent' or 'very good' for networking with peers

93% of past delegates said this is 'the best', or 'better than most' conferences they have attended


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